Why is NetSuite Training important for businesses?

Why is NetSuite Training important for businesses?

Entities select the NetSuite ERP solution to automate and streamline their business functions, aiming for accurate results in the minimum time. But it is almost impossible to expect these results until your employees are well-versed with the platform.  

It is where the role of NetSuite training becomes significant. Employees must adapt to the new NetSuite system and accept it openly. They must be ready to learn all its uses, features, and functionalities to generate desired results.  

If you have already invested in the solution, delay no further and invest in NetSuite training. Not only will your employees learn everything about NetSuite use, but their confidence in generating desired results will get a boost. They will be motivated to bring a difference to the business’s revenues and productivity with maximum use of NetSuite. 

Importance of NetSuite training

NetSuite training is critical to: 

Optimize the use of the solution 

You have implemented and customized the NetSuite solution as per your needs. You have invested much money, time, and effort into getting this solution. So, don’t you think you must know how to use it optimally? 

If your employees and managers know how to run the NetSuite platform, they can use it for business improvement. The system will bring the desired benefits when you use it to its maximum capabilities.  

Better your business performance 

Your performance improves when you do your tasks faster and in a better way. The NetSuite platform automates your business processes, making your workflows comprehensive and quicker. Thus, the platform saves your company’s resources.  

You can use the saved time and effort for more critical, strategic functions. Also, you can invest the saved money in other significant areas for business development. Thus, the NetSuite system makes you more productive, but only if you know how to use it well.  

There is no benefit if your employees keep doing the same work as pre-NetSuite implementation. So, to make your business efficient, your employees must know how to work with NetSuite, bringing value to the table with the help of NetSuite. 

Stay relevant in the company 

Employees must be ready for the change that the NetSuite platform brings. They must be willing to accept the new roles and responsibilities and undergo training. The willingness to learn and adapt shows their commitment to the company. It also goes down well with the seniors.  

This training opens your doors to new, relevant opportunities in using NetSuite. Thus, training is essential for employees to improve their performance and generate expected results.  

The training does not end with the beginner’s course. Learning more modules and functionalities is a continuous process to achieve personal proficiency. Employees’ capabilities development also improves the company’s growth prospects.

Remove the chances of implementation failure 

While NetSuite implementing, customizing, integrating, and configuring the solution, employees must be aware of what is going on. They must know what modules they need, what results each functionality will generate, and how the workflow will change. This knowledge is only possible if they know the NetSuite solution in and out.  

Knowing the solution’s technicalities, you will understand its impact on your processes. Complete knowledge of NetSuite features helps you determine how to use it best for your functional operations. Accordingly, you can decide on the tools to integrate, modules to add, and customizations. And when you know this, you minimize your chances of failing at NetSuite implementation. 

NetSuite Training important for businesses

Main functionalities of NetSuite to be learned 

There are diverse training needs across companies and among employees. One company in manufacturing may want to learn only the manufacturing modules, while a recruitment consulting company may need to learn only the human capital management module. Some companies may want to learn all the essential functions in brief.  

As the training needs differ, so are the training courses. Some of the main functionalities of the NetSuite that businesses must include in the training module include: 

Accounting and finance

  • Revenue management 
  • Fixed assets management 
  • Financial management 
  • Managing accounting payable and receivable 
  • Planning and budgeting 
  • Recurrent billing and subscription handling 
  • Usage of general ledger 

Workflows and customizations 

  • Workflows fundamentals and advanced 
  • Customizing your accounts 
  • Creating templates in PDFs and HTML 
  • Custom user interface development 
  • Extending NetSuite with JavaScript 

Inventory and warehouse management 

  • Demand planning and forecasting 
  • Inventor item costing 
  • Managing warehouses and delivery 

Marketing and sales management 

  • Managing customer relationships 
  • Improving responses to customer complaints and questions 
  • Managing multi-channel campaigns 
  • Handling campaigns and measuring their performance 
  • Planning and executing sales operations 

Data analytics and reporting 

  • Financial performance management using KPIs, financial statements, reports, etc. 
  • Identifying relevant data, filtering, and creating data visualizations 
  • Learning to query NetSuite on data stored in the system 
  • Studying and analyzing performance measures available on dashboards and reports 
  • Using formulas and functions for advanced searches 


  • Managing merchandising and marketing  
  • Setting up and managing web stores 
  • Setting up and managing a POS 
  • Developing themes and extensions for eCommerce websites 

Human capital management 

  • Measuring and managing the performance of human resources 
  • Performing main payroll tasks 
  • Managing human resources and related processes 

NetSuite Tools

  • SuiteBuilder  
  • SuiteScript  
  • SuiteFlow 
  • SuiteBundler 
  • Suite Project 
  • Suite PSA 
  • SuiteAnalytics 

NetSuite has an intuitive interface that improves your experience of using the solution. It is easy to learn because of its user-friendliness. When you use it for your daily tasks, you can learn it as you explore the NetSuite platform. 

Entities can conduct training for their employees to start working on the solution without wasting time post-implementation of the solution. Besides, the online help center of NetSuite can answer your questions. There are instructions and insights available for all different modules, which users can refer to at any time.  

Another great resource is the online community forum where experts and users share best practices. You can learn the essential tips and tricks to perform particular functions and get advice on the best use of the NetSuite platform.  

Training is essential, but unless you use it in practice, you will not understand how to go about it. While you are undergoing training, applying this knowledge to your actual business processes is critical. Only then will your capabilities grow further, and you can excel in using NetSuite for your company’s benefits.  

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Types of NetSuite training 

Different types of training modules exist for NetSuite: 

Standard NetSuite training 

This module helps the entity and its employees with basic knowledge of the functionalities you use. Trainers impart basic training on the standard features of the NetSuite solution to help you have seamless operations.  

They train in marketing, inventory management, customer relationship management, finance, accounting, operations, sales, supply chain management, dashboards, reporting, and many more.

Customized NetSuite training 

Your NetSuite partner customizes and configures the NetSuite solution per your business requirements. Based on these customizations, it provides relevant training as well. They can conduct such training in your operational environment, so your employees learn the daily operations on the NetSuite platform.

Workflow training 

You may want to adjust your workflows per the NetSuite platform’s capabilities. NetSuite consultants help you create such workflows. They impart training to your employees on these workflows to generate desired results. You learn the best practices, develop relevant capabilities, and learn to build workflows.

Industry-specific training 

NetSuite solution can be customized per the industry of your entity’s operations. Accordingly, expert NetSuite consultants personalize the training program to cover topics specific to your industry and discuss the platform’s relevance and usage for your business. Such training helps you understand the features best for developing your industry competitiveness.  

Timelines for learning NetSuite 

Timelines for learning NetSuite depends on various factors: 

  • Type of training you select 
  • Employees’ level of current knowledge of the NetSuite system 
  • Need for functional specialization or overall basic knowledge 
  • Your budget 
  • The time that you can dedicate per day/week/month 

Participants who must take up NetSuite training

When you implement the NetSuite solution in your organization, you must train all the end-users of the solution. The participants can include: 

  • Business analysts 
  • NetSuite handling team 
  • IT administrators 
  • New joiners who will start using the system in a few months 
  • Software developers 
  • Project heads and team members 
  • CXOs and the decision-makers 
  • Anyone else who will be using the system for daily tasks 

So, if you are implementing the NetSuite ERP in your company, consider getting your end-users trained on its usage. Once they get trained enough, they can use the software correctly to achieve desired results. It’s better to consult an expert NetSuite services provider who helps with implementation and training.  

Cloudiotech, a leading NetSuite consultants in the US and the UAE, can help you with both. We have expert NetSuite consultants who excel in imparting customized training to our clients. We customize the training program per our client’s needs and operations sector.  

Our hands-on learning modules give your employees theoretical and practical knowledge and experience using NetSuite. We make your employees skillful in NetSuite features and functionalities to improve your business’s ROI. Not only do you make the maximum use of the solution, but you can further explore it for more benefits.  

Get trained by NetSuite experts to improve your business efficiency.

Reach out to us for more details.

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