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Top 10 NetSuite integrations to level-up your business processes

Top 10 NetSuite integrations to level-up your business processes

NetSuite is an all-in-one ERP solution that streamlines your business processes, leading to more productive and efficient operations.   

However, sometimes you might have an existing solution or wish to add business-specific functionalities to increase business competitiveness. End-to-end integration with several systems makes NetSuite a complete business solution. With these integrations, you can exploit the power of NetSuite entirely for your business benefits. 

These integrations can be with on-premises legacy systems, web-based software, or social media platforms.  

The NetSuite integration process requires you to identify what functionalities you need over and above the NetSuite features. It calls for a study of the ecosystem of your business operations. You also need to identify your goals, objectives, and growth strategies for the future.  

NetSuite integration allows you to better your business solution. This blog presents the best and most popular NetSuite integrations you can select for your business. 

NetSuite Salesforce integration

NetSuite-Salesforce integration combines your CRM solution with a leading ERP solution. You have all the customer data available in your NetSuite centralized database. It allows you to get a 360-degree view and assess the same for future use. Now, you can assign leads, track sales, and link these to NetSuite accounting functionality. 

The centralized database makes the management of eCommerce transactions faster and easier. Also, data updates occur in real-time, helping you fine-tune your sales strategies. And linkage with accounting gives you more insights into company finances and accounts.  

It allows you to manage quotes, opportunities, and orders in Salesforce. The other teams can manage the ordering, fulfilment, delivery, and billing in NetSuite. The integration provides business intelligence, data analytics, and 360-degree customer visibility.  

All these features lead to the creation of a better customer experience based on their needs.  

NetSuite Shopify integration

Using Shopify, you can create an eCommerce portal. This front-end software allows you to enter information on customers, suppliers, and products.

The NetSuite-Shopify integration enables a central location of customer data. Your NetSuite back-end systems and processes access this data to generate more customer insights. The marketing and sales teams’ strategies depend on these insights. Thus, you improve information flows on products and customers from Shopify to NetSuite. The order-to-cash process becomes smoother and faster.

Since Shopify is the front-end solution, customers can order on the marketplace. The NetSuite solution at the back end stores the customer and order information. And you can process these orders, make changes to orders, ensure safe and fast delivery, and process refunds and returns.

You also get the features of different payment gateways, demand forecasts, and analytics. The integrated solution enables engagement, interaction, and communication with the client, offering an enriching experience.

NetSuite ADP integration 

ADP is a human resources management and payroll management software. It helps businesses handle timelines, taxes, benefits, insurance, and payroll of their employees. NetSuite ADP integration helps you have a shared database of employees across teams. When you pay employees, the relevant journal entries occur on the NetSuite. Even the updates on existing employees, expense reimbursement, and benefits administration are automatic.  

The synchronization of the two systems helps you remove data discrepancies of any kind. Also, the NetSuite dashboard allows you to have complete visibility of data flows and errors. Thus, the integrated solution: 

  • Saves your time in processing payroll. 
  • Ensures compliance with attendance tools.
  • Helps you manage workforce requirements based on labour forecasts. 
  • Optimizes scheduling and leave case management. 
  • Plans for recruitment, retirement, and talent needs.
  • Administers benefits, insurance, and workers’ compensation. 
  • Handles all human resources-related tasks. 

NetSuite Amazon integration 

Amazon is an eCommerce platform with a large user base. NetSuite – Amazon integration helps you with better inventory management. You can sync your information on customers and their activities for efficient inventory management.  

The integrated solution also allows you to optimize your operations, increasing output.  You can feed in product details, give orders, manage their fulfilment, track shipping, and more. NetSuite-Amazon integration helps you with the following processes: 

  • Putting inventory details 
  • Placing automatic orders 
  • Tracking orders and relevant details 
  • Fulfilling orders 
  • Getting quotes from different carriers 
  • Shipping orders 
  • Tracking deliveries 
Top 10 NetSuite integrations to level-up your business processes

NetSuite Magento integration 

Magento is an eCommerce website platform to help customer engagement and improve your sales. The NetSuite Magento integration automates your eCommerce business operations. It syncs your front-end and back-end eCommerce business processes to generate the best results. You create seamless workflows to benefit your managers and administrators and seamless brand experiences for your customers.  

The integrated solution provides real-time updates on your order status and product availability. You have access to customer interactions with your brand and its purchasing history. Thus, you have one single data source with easy sharing among different teams. All departments can have more insights that help improve their processes, increasing productivity.  

Moreover, the single source of truth reduces manual errors and improves operational transparency. It leads to higher possibilities of scaling your operations. You can also create your eCommerce websites and optimize them for better results.  

NetSuite Shipwire integration

Shipwire is a logistics platform and eCommerce order fulfilment services software. NetSuite Shipwire integration ensures your order fulfilment happens on time and with efficiency. It connects your online store with global warehouses to ensure faster shipping and delivery. Order synchronization, shipping monitoring, and support services are the features of this integration.

Your NetSuite dashboard lets you track the shipping in real-time. And Shipwire ensures that you fulfil all your orders worldwide with appropriate support services.

You get a complete and updated database of all shipping information, which you can use to streamline your logistics. The solution reduces the chances of manual errors and helps coordination between departments.

NetSuite Stripe integration 

Stripe is an online payment processing and commerce solution. Businesses can manage their spending and expenses, issue invoices, and improve the POS checkout process. NetSuite Stripe integration automates your accounting and payment processes. When you fulfil orders, it allows you to process payments and make relevant accounting entries. It provides a payment processing infrastructure making your financial processes efficient and accurate.  

It automates the eCommerce workflow of creating an invoice, making journal entries, and receiving payments. Once you receive payments through Stripe, the NetSuite functionality records sales. You can smoothen the process of returns and refunds through the integrated solution.  

Cash reconciliation and revenue recognition get automated. Your eCommerce operations enjoy real-time updates of invoices, payments, refunds, and deposits. You can use the saved time and effort for more strategic decisions, leading to higher productivity.  

NetSuite WooCommerce integration 

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform that converts your WordPress website to an eCommerce store. NetSuite WooCommerce integration helps you with efficient and smooth customer order management. The integration makes CRM, human capital management, shipping channels, and payment gateways available in one platform. Thus, it automates your business processes, leading to more and improved results.  

NetSuite and WooCommerce are easily customizable, where WooCommerce becomes the front-end, while NetSuite is the back-end of this integration. You can feed in customer information from WooCommerce, fulfil orders, and ensure delivery on NetSuite.  

The integration leads to workflow automation, making it simple, seamless, and efficient. The real-time view of stock and inventory helps you make more informed and timely decisions. Thus, you streamline your eCommerce operations, achieving cost efficiencies and timely actions.  

NetSuite HubSpot integration 

The HubSpot software is a marketing, sales, and customer services system. NetSuite HubSpot integration syncs your marketing and sales activities. It creates a simple and smooth workflow, including sales, marketing, and other business functions.  

You have all customer account details along with their purchasing history on NetSuite. The sales team can access these details to create customized campaigns as per customer status. The integrated solution allows you to track them throughout their lifecycle.  

HubSpot’s SEO, social media tools, and content management system help you generate website traffic. The HubSpot marketing tools enable website traffic conversion to leads and sales. You can view insights on every lead to analyze and determine whom to qualify and how to connect with them.  

The integrated solution allows you to measure the performance of these campaigns and improve. You can track converted customers and related campaigns to create insightful reports. The social media tools also enable brand monitoring to determine how to market to new buyers. Thus, you can create enhanced customer experiences and improve your relationships with them.   

NetSuite integration automates and digitizes back-office accounting processes, making them more straightforward and seamless. NetSuite’s integration with gives you complete visibility of your invoices. You can create rules for invoice approval to help create a simple process. Even duplicate invoice detection and account reconciliation become efficient. The integrated solution enhances your workflow from purchase order generation to invoicing payment.  

The integrated solution helps you create several users with different permission and accessibility levels. Thus, you can create different roles, allocate employees, and manage their performance.  

You can: 

  • Generate purchase orders. 
  • Create invoices and align them with orders. 
  • Get approvals on invoices based on rules. 
  • Ensure accurate payments matched to invoices. 
  • Clear payments.  
  • Track online payments. 

With all these capabilities, the collaboration between different departments improves, leading to higher efficiencies.  

About Cloudiotech

NetSuite is a complete solution in itself. But if you intend to enhance your business efficiency, NetSuite integrations serve the purpose. The integrations mentioned above make your experience of using NetSuite better.  

So, instead of inputting data from one software to another, use NetSuite integrations to automate this process. Such integrations improve your communication across teams and help you act faster. And when you have a NetSuite integration specialist like Cloudiotech, your experience of using NetSuite gets better and better.  

Cloudiotech is a leading NetSuite consultant in the UAE and the US. We have been helping clients with implementation, integration, and NetSuite customization services. Our team of NetSuite consultants and business analysts suggest the most suitable integrations for your business needs.  

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