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Oracle NetSuite OneWorld

You have a global business with many subsidiaries, several business units, and multiple legal entities.

There are different currencies and languages used in the operations of such a global business. Even accounting, auditing, tax, and regulatory compliance are different in different geographies.

Managing all these processes and complying with varying regulatory requirements becomes difficult. So, you need an ERP solution that makes all this easier and smoother with lesser risk levels. NetSuite OneWorld is such global ERP platform that manages global business processes efficiently.

NetSuite OneWorld services help you deal with the complications of global business operations. It enables you to have enterprise-wide visibility of all your business functions and activities. This allows you to manage your enterprise as one entity despite existing as too many distributed enterprises.

NetSuite OneWorld Platform

The platform improves the effectiveness of all your processes, procedures, operations, and functions. Be it finances, risks, or global operations, NetSuite OneWorld services does it all. It enables a single, consistent view of the supply chain, human resources, inventory, and other business functions. This global business management platform improves the flow of information between processes. This results in a better possibility of inter-company transactions and team collaboration. You can also customize the platform to address the variation in demands of customers from different geographies.

Global businesses find it challenging to consolidate data from different subsidiaries. With NetSuite OneWorld services, you can even tackle this challenge. The platform creates a single, centralized database of information from all functions and locations. This ensures insights from all customers and products data with the display on interactive dashboards.

It is a single application that consolidates all operations to fight external challenges smoothly. And, Cloudio is the facilitator to facilitate its benefits for your business. Cloudio’s NetSuite OneWorld services include implementation, NetSuite Customization, training, and support services.

Cloudio is a leading NetSuite services provider in the UAE and US. We have the expertise to customize the flexible global business management solution for your specific corporate needs. We have experience in managing the efficiency and effectiveness of global businesses in different industry sectors.

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Features and Benefits Of NetSuite OneWorld

NetSuite OneWorld supports multiple languages

Supports use of multiple languages

Backs international operations in multiple currencies

Backs international operations in multiple currencies

NetSuite OneWorld automates payment processing

Automates payment processing

NetSuite OneWorld meets global accounting and reporting standards

Meets global accounting and reporting standards

NetSuite OneWorld manages global tax compliance

Manages global tax compliance

NetSuite OneWorld supports multiple languages

NetSuite OneWorld backs international operations in multiple currencies

NetSuite OneWorld automates payment processing

NetSuite OneWorld meets global accounting and reporting standards

NetSuite OneWorld manages global tax compliance

Oracle NetSuite ERP Benefits

The user interface of NetSuite OneWorld services can support multiple languages. This allows you to integrate data from different entities located in different geographies. Hence, it leads to seamless collaboration, easy communication, and consolidated operations as per the business needs.

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With NetSuite OneWorld services, you can consolidate all your financials in different currencies. It is also easier to manage the exchange rate fluctuations that affect global businesses. You can handle vendors and customers from across the globe with different payment options and exchange rates. Thus, you can consolidate your financial transactions and have a consistent view and effective reporting.

NetSuite OneWorld services manage all your payments seamlessly. Be it payments to your vendors or employees or taking payments from customers, you can do it all. Due to this automated and streamlined payment processing, your payment risks reduce. This minimizes your expenses, lowers your efforts, and hence, gives you more time to focus on core processes.

Meets global accounting and reporting standards

With NetSuite OneWorld services, you can handle the differences in accounting principles. The platform also helps you with the financial reporting and analysis of data at different levels of location, entity, or function. Thus, OneWorld services ensure compliance with local, national, and international accounting standards.

Through the platform, you can do a detailed accounting of each financial transaction. This facilitates generation of accurate consolidated financial statements for your global business. It also provides you the flexibility to record accounts in local currency and standard currency. With this, you can achieve standardization of currency at the corporate level.

NetSuite OneWorld services also ensure compliance with different reporting requirements of different geographies. You can make reports at the local level, business function level, or consolidated global level. This gives you full visibility of your operations for better decision-making as well.

Manages global tax compliance

NetSuite OneWorld services facilitate real-time tax calculations and assessment to ensure accurate and timely tax compliance. The platform is simple and has smooth operations, thereby automating the process of tax compliance. With tax details available for every individual item for every business unit, you can reduce errors and save time.

NetSuite OneWorld: Single ERP solution with multilingual, multicurrency, multi-company, and multinational operations


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FAQs About NetSuite Oneworld

No. The NetSuite OneWorld platform is a global business management platform that will manage all your global operations. With different ERP systems in different entities of your business, you have inconsistency in data formats. But, with NetSuite OneWorld services, you can achieve standard workflows, data, and processes. All of these ensure consistent and smooth operations.

Yes, we can customize the platform as per your business needs. We study your business, understand your industry of operations, and discuss your expectations. Based on this, we present a proposal for customization required in your business operations. Once approved, we help with the implementation and support services.