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NetSuite CRM

Customer is the basis of the existence of any enterprise.

Whether you are a new company or an established one, big or small, you need to manage your customer relationships well. This is where the need for an effective CRM solution arises.

NetSuite CRM Solution of the NetSuite ERP solution are capable of managing customer relationships and interactions. It is a central database for all the information about existing and potential customers. This information enables the enterprise to create customized strategies for maintaining relationships with customers.

The CRM solution is a necessity for streamlining the sales process. Every stage of the sales process – generating a lead, converting, and closure of the opportunity – requires insights from CRM. And all these activities are easily managed and coordinated with the information available on the CRM platform.

Not only sales, marketing, support services, and development teams also require data from this centralized database. Such a common interface results in coordinated work by sharing insights and activities. With this inter-departmental cooperation, it becomes easier for different functions to work towards the common goals of customer satisfaction.

The NetSuite cloud CRM solution allows you to run alongside your customers in their journey. You can monitor your customers’ activities at every touchpoint and usage of your product. This allows you to look for opportunities to upsell, cross-sell, or address their concerns, whenever possible.

Be with your customers on their buying journey to create better experiences With Cloudio's NetSuite CRM Solution

Features and Benefits Of NetSuite CRM

Access to complete real-time information on customers

NetSuite CRM

Teams managing sales, orders, support, NetSuite services, and others require information about customers. NetSuite CRM services make this information available to enterprises. Such real-time, updated information helps you to improve your services to customers. It improves customer satisfaction.

Thus, you can manage customer complaints through any channel of communication. You can also track and manage metrics to measure customer satisfaction through the handling of complaints. You will also have any data about your customers ready on the platform to help them better.

NetSuite CRM Services also give customers access to relevant information about your offerings. This allows them to view invoices, make payments or expedite returns by themselves. Customers can also check out training videos, best practices, or any helpful information about using your offerings.

Thus, NetSuite CRM services enable you to deliver better customer services and experiences. This results in higher customer satisfaction with higher chances of retention. It results in increased sales numbers for you and increased opportunities to sell more.

Capability to design and execute effective marketing campaigns

Create specific campaigns for your target audience based on their interaction with your business and their shopping behavior

Use different channels of communication with customers to deliver your marketing message

Identify the various possible touchpoints with customers to improve the interaction at the most effective points

Manage the flow of information on the customer from the stage of collection to the buying point

Analyze all and any kind of interaction with customers to respond appropriately to their demands, concerns, and expectations

Assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, including ROI, achievement of objectives, and challenges faced

crm capability to design img
Capability to design img

NetSuite CRM Solution automate the marketing function of your business. This way you can improve the way customers engage with your brand. With this, you can guide them through the entire buying cycle to result in sales.

Availability of intelligence on customer behavior to forecast sales

NetSuite CRM Solution automate your sales process. It enhances each step of completing a sale, including:

Identifying opportunities

Designing marketing campaigns

Executing marketing strategies

Forecasting sales based on customer data

Managing quotations and pricing

Handling orders by collaborating with all the teams

Fulfilling orders and delivering the offerings to customers

Receiving payments from customers

Making commission payments

With all the insights on customers available for each phase of the customer journey, your sales process becomes more engaging. Through dashboards, NetSuite CRM Solution allow you to use real-time insights to upsell and cross-sell. This gives you a better forecast of the sales and measures your ROI accordingly.

The dashboard on complete customer information allows different back-office teams to collaborate on different activities. This improves the efficiency of all processes, thereby leading to improved customer experience. Also, it allows you to easily manage commissions for different teams based on the plans and calculations in the software.

Cloudio’s NetSuite CRM services let you enhance every interaction with the customer