How to choose the right NetSuite partner

How to choose the right NetSuite partner

Selecting the best ERP software – NetSuite, may not be enough to avail the benefit of all its functionalities. To optimize the use of software, you must have the right partner for implementation and related support. Selecting the right NetSuite partner is a critical factor in determining the success of an ERP project.  

You need to identify a partner who can fulfill your ERP-related requirements and handhold you during the entire ERP journey. You look for a technical expert team that provides full support post-implementation. Someone with knowledge and previous experience in a similar industry would be preferred. Yes, there are many such criteria.  

This article will focus on the critical criteria for choosing a NetSuite partner. Before that, we must understand the different types of NetSuite partnerships. 

Types of NetSuite partnerships 

There are different types of NetSuite partnerships – some provide industry expertise, while some offer support services. The choice of the right partner depends on your NetSuite expectations. You must list the help and support required to utilize the NetSuite solution effectively.  

The different types of NetSuite partnerships are: 

NetSuite solution provider 

If you are looking for a complete suite of services, a NetSuite solution provider helps. They assist in obtaining NetSuite licenses, implementation services, and post-implementation support. They have expertise in different business functions, including the NetSuite business modules.  

While looking for a NetSuite solution provider, check for their comprehensiveness in service offerings. You must also consider their experience in serving different industries. They must have skills in consultancy, NetSuite customizing solution capabilities, and years of ERP exposure.  

NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) 

Developers are the ones who can extend the capabilities of your NetSuite solutions. They are independent vendors who focus on building software extensions to extend NetSuite’s functionalities, basis your business needs.  

When searching for an expert SDN partner, check their knowledge about your industry’s software needs. They must have experience in developing software extensions for one or many specific industries or business functions.

NetSuite referral partners 

Referral partners are responsible for referring leads to NetSuite. They are NetSuite experts who introduce this solution to prospects and charge fees for the same. In short, they are NetSuite’s lead generators.  

NetSuite Alliance partners 

Alliance partners of NetSuite provide implementation, NetSuite integration, customization, and migration services. They do not deal with the licensing part of the solutions. They also provide NetSuite consulting. The client using NetSuite does not have to pay extra costs. services to help clients with business transformation.  

If you want a broader scope of services, form a partnership with a NetSuite Alliance partner. They build an implementation strategy for clients to generate business value and tailor the implementation methodology per the client’s needs.   

NetSuite Alliance partners can access NetSuite resources and training programs to build expertise in specific industries, products, or business functions. They must have in-depth knowledge of NetSuite solutions, modules, NetSuite integration tools, etc. 

NetSuite accounting partners 

NetSuite accounting partners are accounting companies who help clients with the NetSuite accounting module. They do not provide any professional services to NetSuite clients. They help companies use the NetSuite software in accounting functionalities.  

The clients using NetSuite get expert accounting support from the accounting firm without paying extra charges. The accounting company earns referral benefits, discounts on training, and opportunities to learn new skills.  

NetSuite BPO partners 

If you are a provider of BPO services or BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) solutions and using NetSuite solutions, you can get expert services from NetSuite BPO partners. They do not provide any professional services to NetSuite clients.  

They help BPOs with managing their clients with the use of NetSuite solutions. They help BPOs make the maximum use of the NetSuite solution to achieve cost efficiencies. A NetSuite BPO partner enables BPOs and BPaaS providers to cater to their clients across different domains.  

How to choose the right NetSuite partner

Top criteria for choosing the right NetSuite partner 

Looking at the above list of different types of NetSuite partners, you would have the question, “Which one should I partner with?’ or “Which partnership works best for the success of my NetSuite project?” 

Worry not. These are valid questions before starting your NetSuite project. Your selection depends on your NetSuite needs. If you want all services, a NetSuite solution provider works best. If you want help with the accounting functionalities of your NetSuite solution, a credible accounting partner can help.  

Once you know your needs, you have a list of partners to choose from. So, the onus is on you to select the right partner to ensure a successful ERP project. You must consider the following criteria while selecting a NetSuite partner: 

Prior experience 

When buying any product, we generally trust the ones with experience and industry expertise. The same is the case while choosing a NetSuite partner. An experienced partner can bring much difference to an ERP project.  

Your NetSuite partner must have developed expertise in providing the required services. They must have practical experience handling NetSuite-related services instead of only theoretical knowledge. They must have handled different projects to prove their innovativeness and versatility.  

You can know this by checking their past work and case studies. You can even ask them about the clients they have handled and the specific services provided. You can even approach some of these clients to get an unfiltered opinion. The best option is to check feedback and testimonials from previous customers.

Awards and certifications 

Awards and certificates are industry recognitions that define the work standards of your partner, adding credibility to their work. It would be best to look for such credibility in your NetSuite partner.  

NetSuite-certified partners have the relevant qualifications as per NetSuite’s requirements. Also, they have access to various resources, tools, and services. Oracle NetSuite also grant awards to its partners who have excelled in their services. If you find a partner with such an award to its name, you get the assurance of a successful NetSuite project.  

NetSuite partner company reputation 

You must find out if the NetSuite partner you are considering has a good reputation in the market. To check their reputation, you can look at the below points: 

  • You must check the number of years of presence in the market. 
  • You must confirm the partner’s credibility with your business associates and industry friends.  
  • You must find out what the partner is known for, its goals, working methodology, and values.  
  • You must read your industry think tanks’ opinions or ratings of these NetSuite partners.  
  • If someone in the industry refers that NetSuite partner to you, it suggests that the partner has a good reputation.

Industry-specific expertise

The best part about the NetSuite solution is that it allows customization. The modules and functionalities differ as per the industry. So, you must get a solution tailormade to your industry of operations.  

While considering NetSuite partners, you must give weightage to the partner’s industry expertise. They must be able to provide the customization as per your industry needs. Your NetSuite partner’s familiarity with your industry will give you confidence in their capability.  

Project strategy 

When you have shortlisted a few names in partner lists, you must consider their project approach as a critical criterion. You need to know how the partner will go about your project. What strategy will they adopt to make it a successful NetSuite project? 

Their methodology, strategy, or approach will give you an idea of the project roadmap. You will understand the adjustments or changes you need to accept or manage for the project. It helps you trust them more with the time, money, and NetSuite solution.  

Project team and culture 

An often-ignored factor is your NetSuite partner’s project team and office culture. Enquire the partner about the people working on your project, their knowledge, and their experience. The partner must also provide a single point of contact to resolve queries and clarify doubts, to ensure smooth and timely communication between the teams.  

You must know the types of employees the partner recruits – permanent, contractors, or freelancers. You also need to know whether the team will work remotely, in-person, or hybrid. Check their availability, bandwidth, and accessibility during the project duration.  

You must meet and interact with the executives who will work on your project. You must find out if the partner’s team has a culture fit with yours.  

By interacting, you will come to know about the following: 

  • Their team’s coordination and communication methods.  
  • Their commitment to a project and dedication to its success. 
  • Their approach and strategy to solving problems and differences. 

Support after the agreed services 

Providing the services as per the agreement between you both is excellent. But what adds value for any client is the support services provided afterward. And clients look for accountable partners.  

If you hire a NetSuite solution provider, it will provide you with NetSuite implementation services. Post the implementation; you might face problems or have doubts. The partner must be there to support you and resolve your queries. The extra value that a partner promises and delivers is what leads to a trustful relationship in the long term.

How Cloudiotech is the right NetSuite partner for you 

You must consider the abovementioned factors while choosing the right NetSuite partner. Ask them the necessary questions to help you make the decision. Choose the one that guarantees the success of your NetSuite project.  

As a leading NetSuite partner in the US and the UAE, Cloudiotech helps its clients with NetSuite implementation and post-implementation support, ensuring the project’s success. We deliver the promised services and provide an extra value that gives you a competitive advantage. Our capability to understand your requirements is based on our years of rich industry experience.  

We provide customized services as per the needs of your project. We make the project plan and help you build the internal team for effective services. Our project execution includes support services to ensure our clients are fully prepared to use the NetSuite solution to the best of their capabilities and generate maximum value.  

We have a dedicated team of ERP consultants with relevant expertise in different industries. We also train your employees to use the solution for effective results. We promise that a partnership with us can help you make the most of NetSuite.  

Make your NetSuite project a success by partnering with Cloudiotech. 

Call to discuss the project.  

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