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How to Choose the Right NetSuite Consultant for Your Business

Need for a NetSuite Consultant

You zero in on the best ERP system for your business processes – the NetSuite solution. Then comes the time to implement it, integrate it with other applications, and customize it as per your requirements. You are confused about engaging an expert NetSuite consultant or managing it internally.  

Managing it internally will save you money. Also, there is no sharing of data with external people, where you are scared of losing data. You may also feel that the internal IT team is better aware of the business operations and can perfectly align the solution with the business goals.  

On the other hand, NetSuite Consultants will ensure that you get the most out of the NetSuite solution. They will review your business goals and ensure that NetSuite’s functionalities work well to achieve these goals. Whether it’s customization, integration with existing applications, or implementation, they can manage it all perfectly.  

A NetSuite consultant will provide insights into the NetSuite solution that you will not find anywhere else. These insights will save time and money, which you would have spent on understanding the use of the solution for your operations. These insights are crucial when you need industry-specific modules or customization as per your unique business requirements.  

So, instead of suffering later from an ineffective implementation, it’s better to hire a NetSuite consultant to get the job done. A NetSuite consultant will ensure that you use the software to its full potential for your business requirements.  

This article explores a NetSuite consultant’s duties, required skills, and educational qualifications. The readers will be able to identify the factors to look for in a NetSuite consultant when hiring one for their project.

NetSuite Consultant

Responsibilities of a NetSuite Consultant

Generally, the responsibilities of a NetSuite consultant will differ from company to company. A company’s business size, the industry of operations, and journey differ from others. So, the use of NetSuite solutions and the challenges faced during their use will also be different.  

Still, there are some common duties that NetSuite consultants are required to do. These include: 

  • Studying your processes, methods, and workflows to identify your business and technical requirements. 
  • Identifying the challenges you face in your workflows that the NetSuite solution will address. 
  • Facilitating communication between the senior management and IT implementation team for a smooth process ahead. 
  • Assessing the existing software or application to identify the loopholes that the NetSuite solution will be addressing.  
  • Training your internal employees or actual users on using the NetSuite system and maximizing the software for full benefits. 
  • Supervising the implementation of the NetSuite system in the company to reduce the disturbance to existing processes. 
  • Educating employees and users about the NetSuite best practices to ensure maximum usage of the solution. 
  • Configuring NetSuite features for your business needs and modifying the system accordingly for best use. 
  • Handling the disruptions or problems faced in integrating the NetSuite system with other applications.  
  • Providing ongoing support to the employees whenever they face any issue or have doubts regarding the NetSuite system’s use. 
  • Suggesting the modules, applications, and add-on integrations to customize the NetSuite solution as per your technical requirements. 
  • Objectively assessing your technology infrastructure to accommodate the NetSuite technicalities for maximum use. 
  • Recommending technology areas that can benefit from the features and functionalities of the NetSuite software to facilitate meeting business objectives. 
  • Motivating employees for the significant change because of the implementation of the NetSuite system and managing these changes smoothly. 
  • Keeping the senior management up-to-date with the customizations and add-ons required to optimize technology management. 
  • Managing the import and export of data from one application to another to avoid risking its loss or security during migration.  

Not all NetSuite consultants will do all of the tasks mentioned above. Some NetSuite consultants focus only on the technical part, while some handle only the functional aspect. In some cases, NetSuite consultants are experts in managing the customization and implementation of NetSuite in specific industries.  

If you lack internal expertise, hiring a NetSuite consultant would be the best step to improve your business efficiency and productivity. The consultant would be an asset to your company’s major technology transformation. 

Educational qualifications of a NetSuite Consultant 

The basic qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in IT, Management Information Systems, or a similar field. Generally, companies prefer individuals having relevant certification in NetSuite. The certification course provides all the learning required to become a competent NetSuite Consultant.  

The certification course involves exercises, some study materials, and case studies to understand through real-life examples. You not only study the features, integrations, modules, and functionalities but also apply that learning in a case study.  

But, more than the educational qualifications, what matters is the expertise gained through the experience over the years. Specifically, skills, abilities, and passion for learning make you an expert NetSuite consultant

Skills and Abilities of a NetSuite Consultant

A NetSuite consultant must have the technical skills of NetSuite implementing, integrating, NetSuite customizing, and managing the NetSuite system for a company. Besides, they must have soft and managerial skills to handle the team helping them with all these tasks. Some of the key skills expected in a NetSuite consultant are: 

1. Technical skills 

Coding skills are the most essential. NetSuite consultants must be fully aware of all the features and functionalities of the solution. They must know about every module, how it helps businesses, and possible integration with the system.  

Handling data migration, data management, and data security are critical requirements in a NetSuite consultant. They must have knowledge of the several APIs and connectors, how to manage integration, and the technology infrastructure required in the company.  

NetSuite consultants must know the translation of business requirements into workable NetSuite features and functionalities. Furthermore, they must know the best time for maintenance, upgrades, and error testing for successfully running the solutio

2. Soft skills 

Soft skills are essential in a NetSuite consultant because they have to manage a team. They have to handle the actual users of the solution who will have questions and doubts. And these users will be from the top of the hierarchy table to the bottom-most.  

Therefore, you need to be an excellent communicator to handle all the communication between teams, specifically when the project goes off-track. You need communication skills to train the employees and resolve their doubts. Written communication skills are equally necessary to handle approvals.  

Since you will be handling a team of testers, developers, implementation specialists, and senior management, teamwork skills are significant. The skills of collaboration, problem-solving, and conflict resolution help whenever any inefficiencies or differences arise. Decision-making skills are also essential because the transition to NetSuite will require you to plan and decide on several strategies.  

As a NetSuite consultant, you must have the ability to build relationships with people and motivate others. These skills are required because the NetSuite system will bring changes to your business operations, and you will be responsible for this change management. You must know how to influence and motivate different kinds of people in different positions.  

Constant interaction and communication with clients will help build trust. It will keep your clients informed about the NetSuite processes. Also, clients will share their business intricacies and discrepancies that the NetSuite solution is expected to solve.  

3. Management skills 

Project management is what a NetSuite consultant does. So managerial skills are a must. Managerial skills include the acumen to select the right team for your project, task delegation, and supervision of the project to stay on schedule and within budget.  

It is also necessary for NetSuite consultants to have knowledge of service level agreements (SLAs). They need to ensure that these SLAs are met and explain their importance to their team members as well.  

You must have project planning skills to plan the timelines, budgeting, and human resources for the NetSuite project. Project management skills include conflict resolution, crisis management, and risk management for internal and external threats or disapprovals. 

Another key skill requirement is professional acumen in different aspects of business, such as human resources, finances and accounting, supply chain, inventory, procurement, etc. Some knowledge in these aspects will help you understand the business requirements and prepare the relevant document. Also, it enables you to execute the NetSuite project successfully to achieve the technical specifications and meet business goals.  

A NetSuite consultant will ensure all preparations are done before going live with the software. These preparations relate to testing, customizations, data migration, and employee training. 

Selection criteria to choose the right NetSuite consulting for your business 

Selecting the right NetSuite partner for your business is a difficult task. You can’t just pick up one NetSuite consultant based on a Google search. You must check the following factors: 

  • Experience in NetSuite consultancy in your industry 
  • Certifications 
  • Number of successful NetSuite implementations and customizations 
  • Client testimonials 
  • Project approach, timelines, and budget 
  • References from your friends and business associates 
  • Number of dedicated consultants and their expertise 

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