Choose a NetSuite license apt for your business needs

Choose a NetSuite license apt for your business needs

NetSuite ERP is the preferred solution of many enterprises. It automates your processes and operations, making them efficient. The solution provides insights into your business performance, meets expectations, and streamlines processes.  

It manages your accounting, Customer-Relationship, Supply-Chain, inventory, order processing, and warehouses. Thus, you have greater control over your operations, contributing to faster decision-making. Your freed-up time can contribute to identifying more opportunities and developing growth strategies.  

With all these benefits, who would not choose the NetSuite solution for their business requirements? But you cannot just select the solution, choose an implementation partner, and start using it. You must be cautious about the NetSuite license you select.  

The license you select determines the price you pay for the solution. Your decision around license depends on your business size, number of users, industry, modules, and requirements. These factors create many pricing options for you, so you can consider your budget before buying.  

And the biggest USP of the NetSuite solution is its customizability. It has so many licensing options that you can select one that best suits you. The selection process for the correct NetSuite license must have your full attention to avoid mistakes and achieve optimal benefits out of NetSuite. 

Also, as your business needs grow, you can change the NetSuite subscription. You would not be required to migrate the system or stall your processes; they continue perpetually. You make minor adjustments in the subscription to align with the proper edition, and you are ready. One of the main attractive points of NetSuite is the seamless transition from one edition or license to another.  

It is overwhelming for any enterprise to decide on a suitable NetSuite license for its operations. You need to consider your business requirements carefully in the present and future to know what solution you need. The questions that need answers while selecting a NetSuite license are: 

  • How many end users are there? 
  • Do we need a general solution or a customized one? 
  • What is our budget for the solution? 
  • What does our business need – at present and expected in future? 
  • Which add-on modules do we require? 

While analyzing your business requirements, you will get answers to all these questions. But let’s first understand the key licenses and editions of the NetSuite system available for selection.  

Types of Industry Packages

Oracle NetSuite offers standard solutions for ERP and CRM. In addition, it provides several industry packages or suites to suit specific industries. The different types of industry packages include: 

  • NetSuite ERP Base Functionality 
  • NetSuite CRM Base Functionality 
  • Retailer Edition 
  • Manufacturing Edition  
  • Software Edition   
  • Wholesale Distributor Edition  
  • Professional Services Edition   
  • Retail Omnichannel Edition  

These Industry-suites are the pre-packaged bundle of modules for a specific industry, clubbed with NetSuite ERP. If all your requirements do not fall under the basic ERP or CRM functionality packages or Industry Suites, you can go for add-on modules. You can add as many modules as you want to your license to create a NetSuite à la carte license.  

You can add modules at any time during your subscription and remove them at the time of subscription renewal. All such addition and removal are possible because of NetSuite’s open architecture. Some of the add-on modules include: 

  • Budgeting and planning 
  • Demand planning 
  • Job costing 
  • SuiteEcommerce  
  • Advanced Financials 
  • Revenue recognition 
  • Work orders and assemblies 
  • Project management 
  • Payroll 
  • Fixed assets 
  • SuitePeople (HCM) 
  • Resource Allocation 
  • Warehouse management (WMS) 

Types of users

Employee full user

A full user uses the solution in daily work operations and tasks. These are generally the persons in different functional roles using the solution for completing their work. They get access to the NetSuite solution’s features and functionalities as per the permissions defined by the administrator based on their role and responsibilities.  

An administrator is the one who gets a full-access license. Their role is a standard one; you cannot customize it. They have access to use all features, pages, and tasks on the NetSuite solution.  

Besides the primary administrator role, other administrative roles are functional, like a Sales Administrator role managing the sales team’s responsibilities and permissions. Similarly, Marketing Administrators, Accounting Administrators, etc.  

Employee self-service user

Employees performing the administrative roles of time tracking, scheduling, entering expense details, etc., use the Employee self-service user. They make purchase order entries, give bills and orders approvals, and enter project details. It can include any small technical task like data entry or documentation that adds to project support.  

It means the accessibility reduces as compared to that of a full-employee user. Reduced access makes the solution cheaper than for the full user.  

Vendor user

Vendor users are the persons using the Vendor Centre of a company. They are the vendors with whom a company places orders. With a vendor user license, vendors can view purchase orders, track their payments from the company, and print them.  

Companies give limited access to vendor users to make the workflow between them seamless. Any kind of sharing of data, information, and documents related to purchase orders is possible. There are no extra costs for vendor users, thereby not resulting in any financial burden for the company when the business grows.  

Partner user

Companies may hire third-party service providers, such as administrators, implementation support providers, developers, designers, customization experts, consultants, etc. These are the partner users of a company’s NetSuite solution granted only to authorized NetSuite partners. Partner users are any one of the: 

  • Solution Provider 
  • SuiteCloud Development Network (SDN) Partner 
  • Alliance Partner 
  • Commerce Agency Partner 

Customer user 

Customer users are the persons using the Customer Centre, which means your customers. Companies do not have to spend any cost on allocating customer users. Indeed, they have limited access to features and functionalities because they are external to a company. 

Customer users can update their records on the company database using this. They can see their account details, update contact details, search the company’s knowledge resources, update subscription preferences, and raise complaints. If allowed by administrators, they can conduct transactions such as submitting payment information or completing transactions.  

NetSuite license

Types of NetSuite licensing edition 

The NetSuite licensing has three different editions depending on the number of users, requirements, and work complexity. These include: 

NetSuite Starter 

Entities in some selected industries with less than 15 users use this NetSuite Starter edition.  

NetSuite Emerging

Entities in a few selected industries with less than 30 users use the NetSuite Emerging edition.  

NetSuite Limited Edition 

An enterprise having less than 50 employees and requiring not more than 10 user licenses must use the NetSuite Limited edition. It is a basic edition level, which the company can upgrade to a higher level later as needs increase. It is the definitive edition to choose if you run a single legal entity.

NetSuite Mid-Market Edition 

NetSuite Mid-Market edition is the best option if companies have more than 50 employees and require more than 10 user licenses. As your business requirements evolve and scaling capabilities improve, you can upgrade to the next edition with more user licenses and modules. You can use this edition if you run two or more legal entities.  

NetSuite Enterprise Edition 

Generally, businesses with higher working complexities use the NetSuite Enterprise edition. Entities having higher than 1000 employees and an infinite number of user licenses require this highest edition of NetSuite. Medium and large companies use this edition to handle their business complexities and routine operations.  

NetSuite pricing structure 

All the license types, editions, and packages mentioned above create a customized price for your solution. Your overall price will include the following: 

  • The software licensing price 
  • Add-on modules 
  • Implementation cost 
  • Integration cost 
  • Customization cost 
  • Training and support cost 

As the number of users increases, the cost of the NetSuite license increases. It uses the named user approach, according to which you need one license for every full-access user. You can share a common login between multiple users if a specific role has limited needs.  

Considering the price components involved, you must be careful in determining the NetSuite license; otherwise, it can be a costly affair adversely impacting your business requirements. So, you must partner with an expert NetSuite consultant. Cloudiotech is your trusted partner who knows the playing field well to do the best for you.  

Cloudiotech’s support in selecting the apt NetSuite license 

Cloudiotech is a leading NetSuite consultation services provider in the UAE and the USA. We help businesses with NetSuite implementation, customization, NetSuite integration, configuration, and training.  

Your IT transformation through NetSuite solution leads to automated processes, higher productivity, and improved competitiveness. Our clients trust us because of the comprehensive support we provide pre, during, and post-implementation of the NetSuite solution.  

We comprehend your business requirements, industry needs, and size. Based on this, we select the correct NetSuite solution and license to ensure your cost-effectiveness along with maximum benefits from the NetSuite solution. Our expert consultants consider the best license for your operational needs, optimized functionalities, and future operational needs. You get the best terms, pricing, and industry-specific value. For the cost you spend on NetSuite, you get many times the value from the solution and our services.  

Select the right NetSuite license to better your business processes

Consult our NetSuite experts and start your march to growth now. 

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